The Hottest Seating Around

Crescent Seating Designs From round-backed clubs chairs to horseshoe-shaped banquettes, crescent seating has been widely embraced as a sculpture way to make a fabulous impression. People love this style of seating for the comfort it achieves, with an affect like a warm embrace across one’s back as you settling. The shape also can be achieved […]

The Elements of Great Design

Innovation is a path of continuous discovery. It requires skill and inspiration. Yet there are certain universal traits common to great design. You see them again and again in the greatest works of architecture, furniture design, interior design, and art. Furniture design surely is pragmatic. The pieces must be considered in terms of how they […]

The 7 Top Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2022

As people explore ways to invite more harmony and relaxation into their lives, they are seeking to create spaces that offer effortless elegance. There is a clear preference for materials that integrate with nature and designs that go beyond the ordinary. We are seeing more rich wood grains, warm and neutral palettes, and refreshing combinations […]


While many designers, retailers and clients are experiencing the hardship of delayed furniture delivery, BELTEMPO outdoor furniture has provided our customers uninterrupted service through our seamless supply chain of independent manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. The supply chain issues of material shortages, worker shortages, and shipping container cost spikes aren’t factors in our operation of creating […]