It is incredible how a simple word like “glue” means so much to society and technology at the same time. Men started to understand the importance of sticking things together about 130 million years ago. We have found tools that had been glued (like stone to wood) by Neanderthals with a natural glue from birch […]

The Duesenberg Coupe “Simone,” was a request made by the cosmetics magnate Gui(Guy) De La Roche as a gift for his young lover Simone. In 1936, he requisitioned it from Emmet – Armand Coachworks of America, located in GreenBrier, Pennsylvania. The two immigrants Emmet and Armand took three years in designing and manufacturing the automobile. […]

Yes, it is true, since very Ancient times Man tried to master nature to have it as a silent companion. A charming wife who never talks, and as all unbalanced relationships we have seen good times and bad times, for man or for mother nature. The fact is that we love green, we can recall […]

Since the beginning of time when a lightning bolt struck a tree which caught on fire; Mankind has tasted and experienced the wonderful sensation of roasting meat, which completely changed the flavor and delighted his senses with the aroma of roasted and cooked food. Professor Richard Wrangham of Harvard thinks we might have been using […]

All of our furniture is made with natural teak wood and marine grade stainless steel. Sounds good, right? But what does it actually mean? Here’s what you need to know about the different grades of stainless steel. There are 9 different series of stainless steel There are many, many different types of stainless steel. Each […]

When you’re planning a new outdoor space, lighting might not be at the top of your list. But the right lighting is key to creating the right ambience. Here are some of the latest trends and creative ideas for outdoor lighting. LED lighting is here to stay LED lights are slowly replacing old-fashioned bulbs, according […]