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The 7 Top Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2022

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As people explore ways to invite more harmony and relaxation into their lives, they are seeking to create spaces that offer effortless elegance. There is a clear preference for materials that integrate with nature and designs that go beyond the ordinary. We are seeing more rich wood grains, warm and neutral palettes, and refreshing combinations of textures and finishes. These are the traits designers are seeking most.

Elevated Outdoor Furniture

With people spending increased leisure time outdoors, outdoor furniture is being sought at the highest levels of quality and design. People are looking for pieces that bring magic to their lives, whatever the cost. These outdoor spaces are an investment in the quality of their lives.

Natural Materials

The pastoral calm of the outdoors is being reflected back in the natural materials being used to create outdoor spaces. There is a distinct turn away from plastics and towards using honest materials. Woods, metals, woven fabrics.

Warm Palettes

The palettes that are trending mimic the restorative tones of the outdoors as well. Stone, terracotta, marble, nautical blues, and greige. These organic colors ass depth and soul to settings and yet can always be punctuated by expressive throw pillows.

Sculptural and Curved Furniture

Graceful, sensual contours are providing sculptural intrigue to seating in lovely new ways. From circular sofa seating to luxuriously curved chaises, outdoor furniture is offering gorgeous shapes that subconsciously invite and charm.

Tactile Textiles and Textures

Designers are exploring the mixing and matching of textiles and textures to create luxurious outdoor settings that offer a lovely hand. Woods are being sought that provide a super-soft finish. Fabrics woven of dyed acrylic offer premium weatherproofing yet the textures of cashmere, boucle, and linen.


Eco-consciousness has become a point of consideration for buying outdoor furniture. Gone are the days of feeling ok about replacing outdoor furniture every few years if it wore out. People are seeking peak durability in materials with classic designs for settings that will offer a lifetime of beautiful moments. Additionally, they are seeking collections created using sustainable materials.


The most selective designers are seeking brands whose collections are crafted and finished by hand by skilled artisans. The value is not only in the integrity of the work, but in the value of knowing its story—the feel that only comes from an artisan’s hands and not a factory. The high quality gained is immeasurable.

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