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Built in the Italian Traditions

Beltempo, created by designer Marco Sangiorgi, who strives to set new standards in design excellence for the outdoor furnishings industry. We create timeless collections with impeccable craftsmanship for coastal living and extreme marine environments.


We hand select the finest pieces of reforested Grade A Premium Teak. Pure heartwood with unique grain patterns combined with exceptional rich color characteristics, providing us with the finest quality for our creations.
Our Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel is offered in a mirror polished or brushed finish.


Our collections are meticulously handmade from the finest sustainable materials available that will continue to improve over time. By employing expert craftsmen with a passion for unparalleled perfection, human hands have created every rounded corner to the last weld. The finished quality is the result of our employees’ deep heritage and uncompromised skillset.

We pride ourselves in crafting timeless furniture that will be handed down from generation to generation.


Beltempo was established in 2012 by Italian-born designer Marco Sangiorgi. His roots in the furnishings world dates back to 1870 to the famous Pallazo Borghese, where his family launched Galleria Sangiorgi. After obtaining an MBA in Art History from the Sorbonne University in Paris, his career inspired him to design art, lighting, furnishings, and fashion wear. He brings inspiration to his creativity through his world travel and deep appreciation to nature.