Crescent Seating Designs

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Crescent Seating Designs

From round-backed clubs chairs to horseshoe-shaped banquettes, crescent seating has been widely embraced as a sculpture way to make a fabulous impression.

People love this style of seating for the comfort it achieves, with an affect like a warm embrace across one’s back as you settling.

The shape also can be achieved in an array of materials, as you see the expert craftsmen of BELTEMPO can sculpt our reforested Grade-A teak into these handsome designs.

This style of seating makes one just want to curl up on it. These are the ultimate nowhere better to go chairs. Which is definitely true for guests of resorts whose hospitality design features such seating. And especially yachtsmen whose homes away from home accommodate with these luxury seating options.

While some may see curved furniture as a trend, it is certainly here to stay. It is only that not every furniture maker has the artisans capable of creating this style for outdoor seating.

The crescent seating look is timelessly elegant, and you will want this style created in designs and in materials that are likewise graceful and enduring.


Beltempo Reefside Crescent Sofa