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Owning or managing a yacht is an achievement that marks the climax of success for most people. One begins to visualize how many sails they will take and how they plan to enjoy the voyage. One consideration is furnishing the yacht with pieces that last a long time and offer the best comfort for a far-off adventure.

It is not recommendable for one to buy from the same store you would buy house furniture. The main difference with yacht furniture is that it experiences very different conditions; hence it has to be tougher to survive the same amount of time as house pieces. We consider all of the following requirements for Ft. Lauderdale custom yacht and boat furnishings, so you do not have to keep renovating the yacht every few years:

What you will get with our yacht furniture

  • The pieces are small to fit most yachts while still maintaining a luxurious feel.
  • The pieces have optimal weight to keep the boat balanced in all sailing conditions.
  • We use the best quality of wood to ensure durability in the harsh sea air and glaring summer sun.

Beltempo creates a new reality for yacht furniture in Fort Lauderdale, by ensuring all pieces meet specific design trends, offer practical living conditions, and fit most yacht proportions. The parts do not demand constant ongoing care and cleaning because they have the best construction and finishing in the industry. We will guide you through the most fundamental pieces for the yacht, and how Beltempo serves your investment.


An ideal piece for the yacht interiors in Fort Lauderdale is the deck furniture. A sofa is a perfect fit because it has the right comfortability to ensure the space is welcoming and luxurious.  We do not have trouble creating sofas for both small and superyachts. All our yacht sofas have sophisticated designs with quality materials that create a stunning focal point. The sofas are incredibly comfortable and boast of the same elegance as the rest of our yacht pieces.

Dining set

Our dining tables and chairs can live on the deck of your yacht for as long as you wish. They have highly sustainable wood and can also are easy to store away. The main reason you will love these sets is that they have alluring natural tones that are easy to customize or blend into your yacht setting.


The most distinct piece of yacht furniture in Fort Lauderdale is the lounger. Luckily, you can choose from any of our variations to find a loveable style. You will find it hard to make a pick from all the modern collections that are sleek and slender for the urban sailor.

More reasons you should buy our custom yacht furniture

Our business aims to offer you the most custom designs at extremely reasonable prices while observing sustainable reforestation solutions. We have a professional staff that will advise you on the best high-end furniture and an array of styles that go well with different yachts. Contact us for further guidelines and view our store for the latest yacht furniture for sale in Fort Lauderdale.



Yacht Furniture Fort Lauderdale


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