What is marine grade stainless steel?

All of our furniture is made with natural teak wood and marine grade stainless steel. Sounds good, right? But what does it actually mean? Here’s what you need to know about the different grades of stainless steel.

There are 9 different series of stainless steel

There are many, many different types of stainless steel. Each one has a slightly different chemical make up, which gives it different properties. Some types are more heat resistant, others are more flexible, others are very strong, and so on.

All those types of steel are divided into nine main “series”, or categories:

  • The 100 series is for carbon steel.
  • The 200 series is for nickel steels.
  • The 300 series is for nickel-chromium steels, including marine grade steel.
  • The 400 series is for molybdenum steels, including cutlery steel and finishes.
  • The 500 series is for heat-resistant chromium-vanadium steels, which could potentially be used in building space rockets.
  • The 600 series is for tungsten steels.
  • The 800 series is for nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels.
  • The 900 series is for silicon-manganese steels.

(Read more about stainless steel series over on Wikipedia)

Marine grade stainless steel

We use marine grade stainless steel, which is made with nickel and chromium. This means that it’s extra resistant to corrosion. Because it’s so strong and reliable over time, marine grade steel is also used for surgical instruments, professional kitchens, and even nuclear reprocessing plants.

We also choose marine grade steel for our outdoor furniture because of its sleek, timeless look. All of our luxury furniture is inspired by classic design and an outdoor, seagoing lifestyle. Just like stainless steel itself, it’s the perfect balance between style and function.