What is marine grade stainless steel?

Here at BELTEMPO we use 316 marine-grade stainless steel for its peerless resistance to corrosion, and resilience amid the saltwater atmosphere of life at sea and within coastal areas. Yet you may be asking what exactly is marine-grade stainless steel, and what makes it so desirable for luxury outdoor furniture in these environments.

There are 9 different series of stainless steel, which vary depending upon their chemical makeup, which in turn give them each different properties. Some types are more heat resistant, others are more flexible, others are physically stronger, and so on.



316 Marine-grade stainless steel is made with nickel and chromium, making it extra resistant to corrosion even in aggressive environments. It is strong and durable at both low and high temperatures, which makes it suitable to the weather changes experience on or near the ocean. It also has excellent weldability, allowing it to be formed into beautiful pieces of furniture.

316 Marine-grade stainless steel contains molybdenum to resist the corrosive effects of NaCl or salt in seawater. Concentrations of salt in seawater can vary, and splash zones can cause concentrations to increase dramatically from the spray and evaporation.



316 Marine-grade stainless steel is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion than most other grades of steel without molybdenum. It’s important to consider just how harsh saltwater areas can be to ordinary steel.

Temperature changes can have a compounding impact on corrosion, accelerating corrosion, thus making the conditions harsher. Concentrations of chloride in seawater can vary, and splash zones can cause concentrations to increase dramatically by evaporation, thus the corrosive severity of marine environments can vary. Visible evidence of corrosive attack in a marine environment is known as “tea staining.” This staining allowed by lesser materials can ruin the appearance of furniture or hardware aboard a boat.



BELTEMPO utilizes 316 marine-grade stainless steel for the same reason yacht builders do—to ensure the beauty of your investment for a lifetime of use. We also choose marine-grade steel for our outdoor furniture because of its sleek, timeless look. All of our luxury furniture is inspired by classic design and an outdoor, seagoing lifestyle. Just like 316 stainless steel itself, it’s the perfect balance between style and function—matching the look of the modern yacht.

If you’re looking for any steel product to be house aboard your yacht, be sure to look for the numeral 316, the signifier of the American Iron and Steel Institute, an association of North American steel producers, designating this measure of steel’s distinct chemical composition and properties. Comprised of steel producing member companies and suppliers to the steel industry. AISI is the voice of the American steel industry and marketplace.