What is covered under the Warranty?

Beltempo’s patio furniture is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship only for the following parts as outlined below. Maintenance must be regularly provided in order to keep Warranty valid.


Hospitality Cruise Line: lifetime warranty in mirror polished Stainless steel 316 and Eco-Friendly recycled Nylon. The lifetime warranty will not cover future shipping cost after one year.  


Hospitality Green Forest Line: 5-year warranty in satin polish MOSO Bamboo and Stainless steel 316, 

Metal structure and welding. Bamboo structure parts are covered if proper maintenance against UV has been provided according to Care Instruction (Every 3 months).


All Teak Lines: 3-year warranty covers stainless steel frame, fabric covers, welding and wooden parts if proper maintenance is provided according to Care Instructions.


Cushion zippers and tabletop surfaces if proper maintenance is provided according to Care Instructions. 

Excluded from Warranty Coverage

Belts and ropes and butcher’s bloc.

Damage resulting from improper assembly and improper usage of the pieces. 

UV damage to the furniture if proper maintenance is not provided according to Care Instructions. 

Damage resulting from exposure to direct flame.

Teak is a natural product; fluctuations in temperature and humidity may cause surface cracking and in particular the end grains. This is normal and will not affect the durability or strength of the wood.  

If you have questions regarding care and maintenance, please read the accompanying care and maintenance instructions or you can also reach us at: customerservice@beltempousa.com. 

Who pays warranty related shipping costs?

Beltempo provides warranty service for orders with shipping addresses located in the 48 contiguous United States. Beltempo will pay freight charges for return shipments based on a valid Warranty claim submitted within 3 days from the product delivery.  After 3 days all shipping and handling charges are responsibility of the claimant.  Damages caused in the transport are not covered by Beltempo or its warranty and have to be claimed to the transportation company. Beltempo does not provide international shipments or shipments outside the contiguous United States at any time for any reason.

What will be done should need to fill a Warranty claim?

Should any item or part fail to be as warranted.  It will be replaced subject to the terms of this warranty.  In the event the item has been discontinued, we will substitute an item of our choice that is of similar style and quality. 

How do I obtain Warranty service?

For assistance with warranty claims, procedures or requirements, contact our customer service center at customerservice@beltemousa.com within the relevant warranty period and provide us with a copy of sales order and delivery ticket.  We reserve the right to request photographs and/or return of the defective item(s), part(s), or any other evidence relating to any claim as we shall reasonably require.  By no means we shall accept returns that do not fit in Defects or Damages policy.