Treat or Trick – Happy Halloween

Here we are again; she’s back in town. Just like the Ray Charles song.

Who?  Fear, this feeling that has conditioned the life of man from the very start. What is the most scaring fear of all?  Death. Death is so important to us that it has inspired legends, stories, myths, and of course; Festivities.

Halloween is the scary night, the night of witches, and the most powerful of them could deliver you to Death, however, Death is, as all extreme thoughts is also a very attractive one.

Angel Zarraga Mexico city 1900

When it comes time to choose a story every child prefers a scary story at first even if after the story, he or she would not be able to fall asleep.

Mexicans so very much respect the day of the deaths that in some places, like Oaxaca, the festivity is probably the most important of the year.

It is the day to remember the dead. Because if you do not remember them, they will vanish from a parallel heavenly world.

Many countries celebrate this cult of the day celebration on the same day.

So here we are at our yearly Halloween festival, a mix of everything, witches, the dead, bandits that you could find on the road asking for “either your bag or your life”.

Something used to happen in the past like in the Victor Hugo novel “ Les Misérables” where Jean Valjean is forced to rob to satisfy his hunger.

But it wasn’t always like that.

The real birthplace of Halloween was Ireland, where an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain has been celebrated for over 2,000 years.

They believed that on that night spirits and ghosts would come back and if you did not pay cult to them, they could harm you. So, people disguised themselves with animal and plant ornaments so as not to be discovered by this sometimes-undesired visit. It is very probable that there were human sacrifices as a 3000 years old skeleton of a child found in Tlachtga seems to demonstrate.

In the US the tradition goes back not much more than one hundred years, probably a mix of the Christian custom picked up about the year 900.  Poor people would visit the houses of wealthier families and receive pastries called soul cakes in exchange for a promise to pray for the souls of the homeowners’ dead relatives. Known as “souling,” the practice was later taken up by children who would go from door to door asking for gifts such as food, money, and ale.

No Halloween could be more actual than this one.  Scared to lose our own existence and to pass to the otherworld because of Covid, we are all like Children at the eve of the expected night.

Moreover, politicians with their actions and their words seem to say to us: Treat or Trick? Yes, because we all know that either we treat, and the order is reestablished or the trick is coming, however, are few sweets enough for our desire of Democracy, Justice, and positive action?

In this run for the Presidency one candidate promises chocolate money as soon as November, and plenty of Wall street Lolly Pops. The other one scares us with the darkest future if he is not elected; and meanwhile?

Meanwhile, we can stay home in our garden full of Pumpkins, giving love to our children, with the clean conscience of having voted for a better future.

Beltempo is there for you, with your dog and your parents like an old friend, with the warmth of exotic hardwoods, and a soft tapestry finished by skilled hands.

We wish that everybody will hold together on that scary night, without national revenge, and without racial differences.

Please get inspired by these multiracial smiles.  Happy Halloween.