I am not Chinese, however, I do understand that Chinese Philosophers may be the only ones who have more wise sayings than the Romans.

Chinese ideograms

Chinese ideograms

Starting this new year I am going back to my core values that bring me to the major achievements of a Republic “Res Publica” (meaning the Public thing) that despite my ravaged Italy of today, most specifically gave more importance to the community than to the individual entity of the single Roman.

People like Seneca, Cicero or Horace who also took their sources from the Greek Herodotus, had a deep knowledge of what was the essence of the good Roman citizen.

Roman stone with engraved Latin motto

Today the meaning “Latino” means exactly the contrary, The Chaos that the Spanish Colony created in the New World which you can easily picture by going to Tijuana on any given weekend, or to Naples where the Aragon Monarchy was strong in the middle 15th Century. I don’t desire to be critical, however, everywhere the Spanish Colonies settled with either a Viceroy or Monarchy, were not as orderly as the Austrian or French settlers.

Naples quartiere sanità

Latin, for those who are interested in History and past languages, was the language of the Roman Empire and was spoken for more than a thousand years.

So, trying not to bore you I wanted to go over some of those saying that made Rome great. Do not Fret, we will only go from A to E. Many of those sayings are currently in use everywhere and after reading them you will understand why. My Grandfather mentioned a lot of them to me. It is the easiest way to understand morality and what is important in life. We have allowed many of our elders to die during this COVID Pandemic, however, instilled in the elder’s minds was the wisdom that could guide our futures.

To make this blog coherent, I will direct this old wisdom to the Telemarketing Companies that are so successful nowadays:

“Ab uno disce omnes”  (From one you understand how they all are, Virgil, Aeneid). What could be truer than what is the essence of today’s Marketing. You can make a direct correlation that if someone hangs up the phone on you at the customer service desk you should not expect very much from that Company or it’s higher ups.

“A communi observantia non est recedendum”,  (We must not stray from common opinion). At the same time there are many distortions occasionally generated from the competition. Let’s generate our own opinions.

“Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur” (No one is required to do the impossible). I want that product shipped, and I want it to be delivered today by midnight…..right ? no, deeply wrong, what it is impossible shouldn’t be asked.

“Ad maiora”  (To bigger things). Let’s focus on the important elements in a Company, not some quarrels between departments.

“Adulator propriis commodis tantum suadet”  (The flatterer only targets his interests). There is always Mr. Smith from new market development, that is ready to say “I  have never had such an opportunity as I have now working with you. You are the Best”. Should you believe him?

“Aequam memento servare mentem”  (Remember to keep your mind clear, Horace). When It comes to the annual board meeting, forget about your wife’s new car or your son’s bad results at school. All of that can be handled later on.

“Aliena vitia in oculis habemus”  (We have the vices of others before our eyes, while ours are behind us, Seneca). Colleague:-Did you know that Mrs. Moore, from accounting, keeps a whiskey bottle in her desk? You: – really ? sorry  I have a call, I have to take it, No! No!  $2000 on Thunderbolt second race, not King’s pride first race.-

“Alis Volat Propriis” (Flying with your own wings). You think you are ready to start your own Company? You should do it yourself and not recriminate somebody else if you did not.

“Amor vincit omnia”  ( Love wins everything Virgil). If you treat your colleagues with love, you will win every situation, because they will respond and help you in difficult situations.

“Amicum secreto admone, palam lauda”  (Admonish your friend in secret and praise him in public). Nothing is more true, especially if your position is higher than his.

“Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur”  (The true friend reveals himself in difficult situations, Ennio). You have been fired and move your belongings out of your office.  The one who offers his couch for some nights, is a true friend.

“Amicus omnibus, amicus nemini”  (Everybody’s friend, nobody’s friend). The organizer, the handsome and funniest of the office do not care for anybody else than himself

“Amor caecus”  (Love is blind). You know that it is forbidden but the way she smiles is all you want right now, the rest can wait

“Amor tussisque non caelatur”  (Love and cough cannot be hidden). To keep it secret? Impossible, you will spill coffee on top of somebody every time they talk about her.

“Arbore directa, quivis ligna colligit”  (Once the tree has fallen, everyone runs to get wood). A Good salesman had a heart attack, he will not return. Everybody wants to get a share of his client’s pipeline.

“Audentes fortuna iuvat”  (Fortune favors the bold). Yes, sometimes if you do not risk you cannot jump the river.

“Barba non facit philosophum”  (A beard is not a philosopher) You think your new look will inspire people to listen to you, but be sure you have something to say.

“Beati monoculi in regione caecorum ” (lucky is the one-eyed person in the land of the blind), or as you must have heard it  (In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King).

If the professional level of the others is very low, even if you received only C’s at school you maybe the Genius of the Company

“Bene agendo nunquam defessus”  (Never get tired of doing good). That should be your first commandment in and out of the Company

“Bene vixit qui bene latuit.”  (He who has been able to stay well-hidden has lived well) Do not brag about your collection of Rolexes’ and they will not break into your house

“Bis peccare in bello non licet”  (In war it is not allowed to make mistakes twice). If your competitors are trying to get the same publicity account, do not arrive late to the meeting

“Bis pueri senes”  (Old men are twice children) The old founder of the Company is more interested in the new secretary than in what you are presenting, try to understand him, it will happen to you in some decades.

“Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”  (Seize the moment, trusting as little as possible in tomorrow, Horace). Be happy today with what you have, live in the present. If the Diadem Virus comes, it may be too late.

“Cum grano salis” (With a pinch of salt, meaning with a little caution) You want to enter the stock market, do not risk too much.

“De gustibus non est disputandum”  (There is no question about tastes), Somebody in the office likes Hindu Cuisine, be respectful and do not affirm Pizza is the only good food

“Divide et impera” (Divide and conquer). You Know they are coming against you, but they are far from being without sins, move the waters so that they will have problems in their lines; if you do, you will defeat them

“Dum anima est, spes est”  (As long as there is life, there is hope, Cicero). You have been fired; your wife cheated on you. You do not find a taxi and you get drenched on the way home …… You are still there in good health, that is what counts

“Dura lex, sed lex”.  (The law is tough, but it’s the law). They arrest you with a DUI and they take your license, This is hard to swallow but it is the law.

“Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum”  (To err is human, to keep on doing the same mistakes is stupid).

If after being exposed to all of these good tips coming from history you keep on making the same mistakes then you are a Hell of a Dummy!

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