There is no doubt that these are difficult times for most of us, of course excluding the shareholders of Zoom, Nintendo or Netflix, few of us can say we had a great year.  Luckily this infected Planet is cleansing itself so that we can welcome a newly born Fresh and Happy World. At least in the conventional way of looking at the humanization of the years.

We ask, as metaphoric parents, are we ready to welcome this new world to its new inhabitants?

What have we done to make the environment totally pleasant?  Unfortunately and to say the least, not very much. The rooms are not full of Teddy Bears and Pleasantries.  The blue planet is turning redder and as a result of the high temperatures that we are reaching, the Polar Bear population is threatened with extinction.

So in my mind, I had this Idea: maybe 2021 should be primarily the year of the baby girl.

I do not know why but despite my gender, I do have much more trust in the women’s action than in men when it comes to stressful times. They are more “complete” and I will not try to explain what is just a feeling for me; maybe it’s just a reflection of my years of study of past History.  So is it going to be an Angela Merkel, or a Kamala Harris, or the young Jacinda Ardern prime minister of one of the most eco-countries in the world, New Zealand, to show the path to serious actions taken towards the zero emissions plan?

In Ancient Egypt many dynasties of Pharaohs have followed each other by just following the Male line, however, in the year 1478 BC a female pharaoh came to power, she was the fifth ruler of the Eighteen dynasty. Her name was Hatshepsut.

She is celebrated as a powerful female ruler whose reign was extremely successful and was one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt despite the fact that her successor tried to erase her name from every inscription and as a result, much of the history about her reign.  Among many expeditions, and in relation to images found in her temple in Karnak, she made possible the first known successful transplant of trees: Ebony trees from the regions of Punt, actual Somalia, those trees were planted in patios with swimming pools all surrounding the ramp entrance to her Palace that she constructed in Djeser Djeseru.

So eventually will female rulers be able to find a peaceful respite with Mother Nature?

In Greek Mythology, Gaea or Gaia was the earth and the ancestral mother of all deities. By the way I called my daughter Gaia in 1980 but the mythological one was the daughter of Chaos or the Primary Void “Abyss” in Greek.

Of all the mythologies the Greek one is so full of details about the period previous to man, it seems to explain all the real changes of our Planet, and then the way man approached the forces of nature.

All this intricate prologue is to remind the girls of the world that we need great Ideas to be put in place, women are genetically more skilled in organizing. We do have all the knowledge to make things better but we are not well organized. One country banishes coal, and then another one gives incentives to coal mining. We have to seat our lady rulers around a trans planetarian meeting table for a cup of tea, and initiate a brainstorming of all we can do in the shortest period of time.

I am sure that if every one of the 194 countries that form the world would empower one of their most outstanding ladies, they would reach a most suitable solution.


But the decisions made in that tea room should be enforced with no possible exceptions under a general threat to have an embargo for the Countries that would ignore the actions to be made.

It is strange to listen to a Designer talk about these matters, but here it is not the designer speaking, it is the man, who had a wonderful life and would like to leave a legacy, to have accomplished whatever was possible so as to leave to the next generation a healing situation that will (as nature has demonstrated) be able to recuperate by itself, and then make the planet the perfect place to live.

Today there is a lot of confusion, we sometimes as a communed people do not know how to act.

We’re planning to go to Mars; why?  To make it possible for a few survivors after we finish incinerating our home planet?  We have to concentrate all our efforts here and now. There should be a new subject in schools: Sustainability.  All school teachers and professors should be trained to give real directions to the new generations.

Beltempo is here in the present, no decision is taken by the Company without evaluating if the impact is worthwhile. Life is also about spoiling yourself, feeling the luxury, feeding your aesthetic eye, experiencing sensorial pleasure and to be admired and of course to be envied, So you can now say that a Lamborghini gives me that, and I will agree, however, we can give you all that too, and with less than 1/10th of the negative impact on our environment and at 1/10th of the cost of such an object.

Furniture is not the substitute of auto’s despite the fact that the latin name of Mobilia which means that they move, however, don’t move you; you move them as you wish. They welcome you, you can touch the texture of the wood, look at the shining metals. Today we like to think that AUTOMOBILES are the adult’s toys.

Well then let me tell you that Beltempo is the “Father Christmas” of furniture, and maybe I am The “CED” Chief Elf and Designer.

Every piece is created with the thought of giving you Joy. Carved in reforested wood, hammered into shining metals structures, it is the perfect gift for the man or woman that has it all. All that well do is Iconic You will like it and not know exactly why. That is because we combine the present from the past.

You may relax on them or intrigue your guests with this sculpture just for the sake of it or

You can cook and smoke with it.

You will be admired for your taste or you can play the magician and multiply the  table settings

Come and play with us so as to create your Holiday Momentum. You will feel good.

Happy Holidays!