Premier Yachting Outdoor Furniture

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel & Sustainable Teak

Ownership of a yacht is certainly easy compared to the day-to-day affairs of managing one.

Whether hands-on or less involved, you can appreciate the value of easy-to-care-for luxury outdoor furnishings with the high performance and elegance to suit any space, no matter their exposure to the elements.

A favorite among super yacht exterior designers for years, BELTEMPO has increased its yachting line offering marine-grade 316 stainless steel and sustainably forested teak to offer an expanded collection for pieces as beautiful as they are durable.

Designed by BELTEMPO owner and world-renowned designer Marco Sangiorgi, the furniture is made by hand by only the most skilled artisans.


Premier Yachting Outdoor Furniture

Premier Yachting Outdoor Furniture


Every plate and tube of stainless steel, every length of teak, and every textile is selected and fashioned with the utmost skill and care to create gorgeous works of artful living—engineered to withstand the specific challenges of sun, saltwater, and rain unique to yachting.

Of course everything aboard a yacht requires some maintenance in order to keep it presentable for pulling into port, welcoming guests aboard, and being its most photogenic. Your crew can rest assured that BELTEMPO furniture needs the most minimal of service. A simple wiping down does the job of preserving the lustrous finish of the stainless steel, and the natural oil of the teak sees it effortlessly repel water.

As for the matter of matching your interior design and décor with the outside settings, you will find the BELTEMPO catalog handsomely accommodates every space—to create harmony throughout a yacht—and to outfit al fresco environments with pieces that perfectly complement and accent both the architecture of any modern vessel and its spaces.

Experience the innovation and beauty of BELTEMPO today. Explore the collection now.