Luxury Patio Furniture for Every Miami Establishment

Looking to add an additional touch of class to your Miami home’s patio? What about complementing your hotel’s outstanding architecture with matching furniture? At Beltempo, our designers and craftspeople spare no expense in creating the best outdoor furniture on the market, combining elegance and functionality into outstanding pieces. Whether you are looking for a table, a chair, or something else altogether, you can rest easy knowing that your piece will be the perfect fit for your property.

Hassle Free, Zero-Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

With over 150 years of crafting history and a clientele that has included royalty, our guarantee is that you will be getting exactly the level of quality you are paying for. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of design, utilizing the highest quality teak wood and stainless steel to craft sustainable outdoor furniture that will last for years. Our prices may be higher than those attached to more disposable goods, but you will more than make up the costs in the form of outdoor patio furniture that looks as great as it functions. Combine that with our high customer-service standards, and your shopping experience is guaranteed to be a pleasant one.

Obtain Outstanding Outdoor Patio Furniture Today

Beltempo strives to provide high quality hospitality custom furniture to all of our clients, and is committed to a level of quality that has left countless clients satisfied. All you need to do is place an order below. For all other questions, you can contact us by phone at 1 (954) 681-4663, email at customerservice@beltempousa.com, or via our convenient online form.