Outdoor furniture trends: swings and swingseats

Welcome to a new regular feature on the Beltempo Outdoor blog, where we examine outdoor furniture trends in detail. This week, we’re looking at swings and swingseats.

Swing seats: a vintage classic

Swings and swing seats have been around for a long time. There’s lots of vintage inspiration to draw on here: from Rococo French art…

The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

… to the good ol’ American porch swing seat.

Image by Pexels fromPixabay

We’re seeing more designs which mix up different styles and periods, and vintage furniture is a very big trend. Swings, porch swings and swing seats fit right in.

Furniture in motion

Another reason that swings and swing seats are popular right now is because they offer plenty of movement.

Across interior design, we’re seeing the same thing again and again: people want unique furniture that fits their lifestyle and moves with them. That includes light, flexible designs; smart technology that can be controlled with a button; and furniture that interacts with the natural environment.

Swings fit into that final category. They move with natural wind currents as well as your body. You can control how much or how little they move. And, since the Beltempo Outdoor swing is made with natural wood, it will weather and develop a unique patina over time. Like all our furniture, the outdoor swing is made to combine great design with the best of nature.

What do you think? Are swing seats just for kids? Tell us in the comments!