“No tree left behind”

Yes, it is true, since very Ancient times Man tried to master nature to have it as a silent companion. A charming wife who never talks, and as all unbalanced relationships we have seen good times and bad times, for man or for mother nature.

The fact is that we love green, we can recall the hanging gardens of Babylon, a set of gardens located in the ancient city of Babylon, Iraq. Their beauties made them inscribed on the ancient lists of the wonders of the world.

The city in the middle of the desert was built in levels and terraces, and was completely surrounded by gardens, were you could have fresh roses every day.  The water driven from the River Euphrates arrived in some reservoir where it was pumped up level by level with the help of several wheels equipped with buckets and actioned by men and donkeys at every upper level.

Many times, it has been thought that such a beauty was only a legend like Atlantis, but the Greek Diodorus of Sicily an historian of the first century BC, reproduces the description of the gardens of Babylon in a biography of Alexander the Great.

From the Oasis of the desert lands of Iraq where man bended nature for his joy and where you could see palm trees and eat fresh fruits in every terrace, we will travel now to  Seville where the al-Qasr-al-Muriq today Royal Alcazars show  a magnificent example of Mudéjar Architecture with rich gardens of orange trees, fountains and green shadow paths. The in interior patios were once irrigated by the Guadalquivir river. Once a fortress and today still the residence of the Spanish Kings when they stay in Andalusía.

And Now we take a virtual flight ( as today restrictions to travel) and get to the Ruins of Angkor in Myanmar (ex-Cambodia). There you can see here how nature took back her protagonist role: Roots grew in between the fissures of the stone elements of the architecture, took force from the heavy rains and compost of the lush tropical garden and with the absence of man, finally popped out in a blossoming destruction. That is the perfect picture of what could happen if for any reason men would kind of disappear from some places in the planet.

Today due to this strong Virus COVID 19 that appeared only some months ago and already took more than 600.000 lives some of us who are passionate with history started to think at some  of those panoramas. Most likely all this will disappear and only a couple of lines will be left in history books, but older people and children will remember this, maybe more than the young ones who are having good times in bars, beaches and disco as nothing was happening. The Baby boomers and the Generation Alpha, both had the time to make, and answer questions, and some grand parents have been able to transmit valuable experience to the kids, both more confined home. “Respect the Nature”. That means: no Pangolin eating, no deforestation, no excessive use of plastics, no excessive use of pesticides.

At Beltempo we take very seriously the theme “Respect nature”, we do it with the materials we use, we do it in the projects.










We invented the slogan: “no tree left behind”. This means that we use 90% of the timber from the tree. It is a Supply Chain where we first use a grade timber for the furniture, then we use the small bits for the tableware and kitchenware objects line.

In this particular field we are developing more and more new interesting designs. Here you can have a little view of it, how small pieces of wood are glued together in a nice way to create a playful change in colors tone, or like in the fish dish, we have assembled it as Romans used to place terracotta bricks in the floor, called wishbone.

elegant serving board











elegant salt and peper shakers

elegant knife set











Finally, the wood sawdust is mixed up with hard paraffin and it is transformed in BBQ and chimney briquettes lighters.