Natural wood patina: everything you need to know

Earlier this month, we shared some secrets about the stainless steel we use in our outdoor furniture. In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at natural wood and how it forms a patina over time.

What is a natural wood patina?

We’re very proud of the way our furniture forms a patina. This is when natural wood, such as teak wood, is left exposed to the elements. We don’t cover it up with paint or sealant; we allow it to age and weather naturally.

Over time, the wood develops a weathered surface, also known as a patina. The combination of sun, wind, rain, how you use your furniture, whether you polish it, and the local environment will create a patina that’s completely unique.

What your furniture will look like in ten years

There are ways to create an artificial patina, but at Beltempo Outdoor, we prefer the natural way. Both the weathering process and the result are beautiful. We love to see how a patina develops differently in every location.

Fresh teak wood furniture has a deep, rich brown color. You’ll slowly see this color deepen, then fade into a patina. As the patina develops, you’ll also be able to see the natural grain and patterns of the wood more clearly.

Your teak wood furniture will naturally age to a soft, gray hue with notes of silver. That silver finish is what makes teak so popular for luxury furniture. And of course, although the patina changes over time, teak wood is exceptionally tough and durable – so it will last for generations.