Marco Sangiorgi - Beltempo Founder & Designer

Meet the Designer Marco Sangiorgi

The1960s saw Italian design reach a pinnacle of stylishness.

My new Fabulous 60’s collection explores the sensual lines of the era in sustainably reforested premium teak.

Each piece is handcrafted and hand-finished for a buttery soft texture—applying the materiality of mid-century. Elements of Pop and Postmodern reflect the freedom and creativity of the era. 

Furnish your settings with sculpted chairs, kidney-shaped tables, designs of space-age geometry.

Experience the finest in outdoor furniture with BELTEMPO.

— Marco Sangiorgi

A successful design is one you love to have in your home even after many years. It is an old friend you never tire of because you share a story.

I have travelled the world yet—born in Rome—I’ve never lost my Italianism. As a child, I was a sponge plunged into the Italian sea, absorbing the history, art, music, architecture, wit, cuisine… I know well my country. And in all my journeys have rarely found anyplace so complete.

A lover of sailing and vintage boats, I also have a long history of navigating. I appreciate what is required and desired of furniture aboard a yacht, and along the coasts of the world’s most breathtaking shores. So I’ve used my experience to create designs tailored to life on the water.

As for my creative process, it requires introspection and a fine entourage—great music, visiting a museum of fine art, or strolling through a medieval town. I am inspired when in the presence of vibrant creations. It is as if they tune me to a special frequency—an extrasensory channel of sensibility that helps me to create.

Equally I am at home exploring a Mexican market, driving a motorbike in a Chinese province, or deep-sea diving off an island in Thailand.

Fate has a way of finding you in the most beautiful places.