Beltempo is a line of patio and outdoor furniture, with stainless steel and solid Teak wood: (Tectona Grandis). This wood is water-resistant like no other, thanks to its density and little contraction.  It is one of the best woods to be used in the yachting industry.  Its resin makes a natural biological shield against parasites.  The origin of our wood is from well managed forests, fulfilling international standards and may count with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council): Being a natural product, wood may feature irregular spots or stripes.  These will disappear after being exposed to sunlight for a short period of time.  For a longer use in time of your Beltempo furniture, please read below a few tips about maintenance. 

Maintenance Tips Guide

Fabric (100% Acrylic canvas) Class 1 flammability standard.  Fabric should be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive dirt from accumulating simply brush off any loose dirt. To clean use a solution of mild natural soap in lukewarm water (not exceeding 30° Celsius or 100° Fahrenheit). Do not iron press or use hot machines dryer.  Do not use detergent. Natural air dry.

Vinyl Mesh (Vinyl coated Polyester fabric) NFPA flammability standard class “A” Wash with abundant cold water and soap Pressure washing possible. 

Wood (Teak)

In contaminated surroundings occasional washing with warm soapy water is recommended to discourage moss formation.  Teak will naturally have a honey/brown color. After a few days outdoors the natural oil in teak will start to evaporate and will naturally begin to fade into a refined grayish silver patina. If you wish to maintain a honey/brown color you need to apply a UV protector and sealant every 2 to 3 months. The intensity of the grayish silver patina will depend on the intensity of climate exposure: rainfall, solar UV radiation, and temperatures.

We recommend the following products that can be easily purchased:

Teakdecking Systems – https://www.teakdecking.com/maintenance-products/

Step 1 – Teak Cleaner Liquid

Step 2 – Teak Sealer and Protector

Semco – http://www.semcoteakproducts.com/semco_products.htm

Step 1 – Teak Cleaner (Part 1 and 2)

Step 2 – Semco Teak Sealer (Cleartone)

Stainless Steel (AISI 316-304)

Stainless steel should be cleaned with a wet cloth damped with alcohol and air dry.  Protection with 3M stainless steel products is advised. In case of a small spotting due to contamination, you can use car polish to renew the natural shining. 


We highly recommend to storage in a ventilated dry place. Do not cover with plastic or vinyl.