Creative outdoor lighting ideas

When you’re planning a new outdoor space, lighting might not be at the top of your list. But the right lighting is key to creating the right ambience. Here are some of the latest trends and creative ideas for outdoor lighting.

LED lighting is here to stay

LED lights are slowly replacing old-fashioned bulbs, according to Ryan Lawn. They’re energy-efficient, cheaper to run, and increasingly affordable.

Designers also love LED lighting because it offers so much choice. You can find LED lights in almost any color and shape, to fit any lighting fixture. If you haven’t switched to LED outdoor lighting yet, it’s high time you did.

Geometric light fixtures

Geometric patterns are a major trend in 2020, across all interior and exterior design.

First, we saw Edison light bulbs showing up in hotels and restaurants. Now we’re seeing other minimalist light fixtures, but with more creative shapes and statement pieces.

Hidden light fixtures and smart controls

Not every outdoor light fixture has to make a statement. Hidden light fixtures are a subtle way to add ambience or security lighting, such as path lights.

We’re also excited about smart controls. You can control modern light fixtures from your phone, either manually or by setting automatic timer switches. These smart lights save energy, costs, and effort.

Subtle finishes

As geometric designs replace opulent light fixtures, subtle finishes are replacing flashy materials. The two major trends for light fixtures in 2020 are soft gold and matte black. Both of these colors are quietly luxurious; they look great in any setting, but don’t draw too much attention.