There is no doubt that being the fourth generation of collectors of works of art has influenced the way Marco Sangiorgi approaches and conceives his furniture.

Old ebeniste Masters like Maggiolino, Bulle or Biedermayer have created pieces that have survived the centuries, and are now worth a considerable amount of money. The secret of those pieces was the perfectly aged woods, however, if we want to go back in time, we can admire how the throne and the baby child throne of Tutankhamun, the 18th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh who once reigned from his early age of ten years old until he died at 19, are standing in perfect shape despite their 2340 years.


These pieces were found in the sacred chamber of the Pharaoh in the Valley of the Kings

The wood used to build them was the ficus sycomorus, or sycamore fig, an ancient tree that has been cultivated in Egypt since the third millennium B.C.

This tree can grow to reach a height of 20-25 meters, a trunk girth of six meters, the fig tree native to Africa can also be found in Lebanon, Cyprus, and in the Southern Arabian Peninsula, is today reduced to a few hundred specimens because the wasp that was in charge of its pollination is now extinct. Nevertheless, this wood was used since 3000 BC for coffins, and medicinally as a sugar suppressor.

Other pieces of furniture destined to last for a long quantity of time are those made from marble.

One spectacular piece is “The Farnese Table” located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The table was commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, in 1569, to Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola. It is a magnificent work of inlays of semi precious stones and Egyptian alabaster that around 1796 was passed to a Convent in Verona and acquired by the 10th duke of Hamilton of Scotland. Then around 1919 it was sold by Christies and Manson to Galleria Sangiorgi, who kept it until 1958 when it was sold to the Met.

At that Time Marco Sangiorgi was only 2 years old. Will, the question is asked, today’s furniture last as long? It is difficult to say, Because our own existence is at stake today, however, it is a forgone conclusion that Marco Sangiorgi Furniture will be found among the ones that will last,

Here are some recent stories that may lead us to believe that to be so:

Island of Grenada

La Source Resort –
The Sandals resort in Granada takes Beltempo furniture to another level.  Located in the heart of the exclusive Pink Gin Beach in Granada, on an exotic island paradise, Beltempo furniture has a privileged place in the bar and lobby of this coveted Resort for couples.  These pieces of furniture were acquired in 2004 and have withstood the ravages of Hurricane Ivan that destroyed a large part of the hotel.  Their high aesthetic value and their durability have led the architects who worked on the extension and reconstruction to use them again.  Sixteen years of use have left them intact despite high traffic.  Thanks to their sophisticated and timeless design, they are more current than ever.  The comfortable sofas of the Reefside line with their hemicyclic shape were totally innovative for that time. That line is still in production at Beltempo and has now been an inspiration for many subsequent styles in the last four years.

#Sunset / Cockpit / Reefside / Tropical Bar


Hotel Paracas, Paracas – MARRIOTT BONVOY
Located 3 hours south of Lima, in front of the Paracas National Reserve, the emblematic hotel from the 1950s was destroyed by the 2007 earthquake. Today it has 120 rooms and the architectural project is the work of the Peruvian Architect, Bernardo Fort Brescia.  The decoration inspired by the Paracas national reserve and nature sanctuary was the work of the Argentine Architect Roberto Caparra.  The furniture, the work of Italian Designer Marco Sangiorgi, was built by Beltempo in 2007, and since then has adorned the terraces, suites, pools and, the lounge bar.  The solid wood and stainless steel furniture finishes add to the atmosphere of a unique style, which has made this hotel to be awarded in 2020 as one of the ‘Best Resorts of the World’ according to the selection of the readers of The Traveler edited by Conde Nast.  The 12 Kraken gazebos stand out, specially designed by Marco Sangiorgi for the hotel.  This luxurious place is, without a doubt, a litmus test for our outdoor line and umbrellas, which stand out both for their beauty and for their resistance to exposure to the most intense Paracas winds, the UV rays of the desert sun, and the sea breeze of the Lagoon.

#Windmaster / Leeward / Bucko / Kraken / Flamingo Road

Today Florida has the first Beltempo showroom in the USA.  This is a very big opportunity for Beltempo to be able to display the quality of work that has made Marco Sangiorgi’s furniture known in many countries around the world. Many people will say, yes but now the world condition is our concern. To those people we want to say, think about how many kings, Presidents, and Condottieri have passed through while the furniture we have shown you, has been made and marked for history