• luxury outdoor table


    98-3/8″W x 43-1/4″D x 28-3/8″H

    250cmW x 110cmD x 72cmH

  • luxury outdoor table


    30-3/4″ 43-3/4″W x 30-3/4″ 43-3/4″D x 29-1/8″ 28-3/8″H

    78 – 111cmW x 78 – 111cmD x 72 – 74cmH

  • luxury outdoor table


    94-1/2″W x 39-3/8″D x 28-3/8″H

    240cmW x 100cmD x 72cmH

  • luxury outdoor table


    78-3/4″ 131-1/8″W x 40-1/8″D x 29-1/8″H

    200/333 x 102 x 74H

Outdoor Table and Chairs for Fort Lauderdale’s Dining Needs

There is nothing like an outdoor, open-air dinner to finish up a summer evening. At Beltempo, we put the same care into our dining tables that we put into all of our products, using the highest quality teak wood and stainless steel tubing to create sustainable, durable, and functional dining tables. Whether your new table is destined for your back yard or your hotel deck, you will be satisfied with the results. Not only that, but buying our patio tables online is as easy as clicking on one of the items below. Which piece speaks to you?

Buy Patio Outdoor Tables Online

Black Jack – Simple yet classy, this eye-catching rectangular table effortlessly fits into a wide range of settings. Comes in an extensible version for additional diners.

Brig – With a top made of extra white tempered class, this table will add a splash of excitement to any occasion.

Four Seasons – A simple model for one-two diners. Comes in square, small round, and large round models.

Maindeck – With a disassembling base and adjustable legs, this piece is perfectly at home on a restaurant patio. Sold in a round model with two sizes, square models of four sizes, and an extensible square version.

Morning Tide – With twin triangular legs and stylistic wave cuts, this piece looks like it belongs right in the jungle. Comes in rectangular models of two sizes, as well as a round-table version.

Pearl Bay – This table’s striking visual appeal comes from its stylized stainless steel legs and captivating, uneven cut.

Sunset – Arched legs and bright tans make this table a captivating choice.

Sword Fish – This table’s cross-shaped leg designs provide durability and aesthetic appeal.

Tortuga Bay – Uneven, square-and-triangle cuts lend a rugged quality to this high-quality piece.

Trimmer – Utilizes captivating slatted designs for a captivating visual effect. Comes in a rectangular extensible model, and a smaller square model.

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