We ask, Is the Covid 19 just another Plateau for civilization?

Two worlds have clashed since the Ottomans conquered the Christian City of Constantinople and a sequence of wars and deaths from both sides followed by the Crusades, and then up to the recent Jihad attacks worldwide. In many Countries the Institutions often entered into a dispute with religious members of the Muslim world whether the female students could wear or not wear the Hijab at school. Some days ago, all the schools reopened in France, where the disputes were very harsh. All of the students now had to wear a mask. My curiosity made me go back to the origins.  Also, if there were religious links, the usage of the Hijab or Chador wasn’t just that, it was a Status symbol of the ruling class. A way to be “preserved”, however, I am sure that it was also a sanitary prevention, and was especially dedicated to women because of the importance  of the family and child care. How long could a newborn live without a nurturing mother? Many hot places have the common prohibition to eat pork, but let’s face it, to eat pork in the hot and dirty cities of the Middle East, centuries ago, was a real risk, and still is. Often these animals are left around eating whatever they can find. The Air was saturated with microbes and bacteria, and healthy breathing was compromised.

We have an opportunity today to try to approach one another and to look into one another’s eyes,  after all the eyes are the windows of the soul, and today, we all expose only the eyes to the public. I have seen myself that in some Arab countries they have a retina recognition station at Immigration which is linked to your passport. After all, if this World situation persists, Governments will be obliged to embrace this technology. As a result, whether you are in Vatican City or in Dubai, we will all look the same.

I remember when I went to the desert in my early teenage years and visited some Berber Nomad groups. They made me wear their blue turbans… I actually felt protected.










Today, traveling is one of the wonderful experiences of the past. The Orient was one of the places where you could get superior service, millenary cuisine, and astonishing hotel comforts.

What we want to tell you is that to recreate that feeling of comfort and beauty in your home is not that difficult. Your home is your oasis of wellness. Decorating can accomplish all of that. Starting with a unique piece of furniture, decorating can accomplish all of that.  I often inspire myself by blending oriental forms into my creations.  I would like to introduce you to my Pearl Bay table. Inspired by Japanese ideograms Pearl Bay is an experience for the eye. Geometric non regular slats assembled by hand to recreate a very stylized Sun. This is a table to feel, where you can serve Sushi and Nigiri, tempura, and Miso soup, all of this mixed with some sandalwood essence perfume and the music of running water . Today we need to keep our mind clean and healthy more than ever.










At Beltempo we can help you with this, because balance is our Philosophy. We can realign your primary sense of survival toward a sense of “Joie de vivre” Difficult times are also moments to pause and think. We ask; are we doing it well? Is our behavior toward nature correct? Endless questioning has never made anybody grow, so we ask you only to sit in your garden, terrace, yacht,  mini greenhouse or homemade kitchen; whatever you have built for yourself, and relax. You will find all the answers you’ve always been looking for.