Caring for Teak

Caring for Teak

BELTEMPO outdoor furniture is made using sustainably reforested teak for its innate durability and beauty.

Highly valued for its gorgeous grain, teak has a high natural oil content, which creates a built-in barrier to moisture, insects and rot.

Teak non treated has a golden champagne color. With the UV protection we give it becomes a honey/brown color. After a few months outdoor the natural oil in teak wood will start to evaporate and will naturally begin to fade into a refined grayish silver patina.

If you wish to maintain a honey/brown color you need to apply an UV protector and sealant every 2 to 3 months. The duration of the protection and the consequent  grayish silver patina will depend on the intensity of the climate exposure: rainfall, solar UV radiation and temperatures.

Beltempo’s teakwood comes from a sustainable forest, meaning that at least one tree is planted for every tree felled.

Wood (Teak)

In contaminated surroundings occasional washing with warm soapy water is recommended to discourage moss formation. The application of a coating with teak protector (2 coats) is highly recommended twice a year or more if necessary, depending on the harshness of the weather.