Caring for Teak

Caring for Teak

BELTEMPO outdoor furniture is made using sustainably reforested teak for its innate durability and beauty.

Highly valued for its gorgeous grain, teak has a high natural oil content, which creates a built-in barrier to moisture, insects and rot.

We hand-finish our teak for a gorgeously soft feel. And the maintenance required to maintain the elegant look of this material is minimal—another reason it is so prized among yacht builders and outdoor designers.

To keep teak in top condition, you need only follow a few simple steps.

How to Clean Teak:

Step 1: Rinse the teak furniture with hose. Pressure washing is not necessary.
Step 2: Using a sponge, apply a cleaning solution of soap and water. Dish soap will do.
Step 3: Allow the furniture to sit for 15 minutes.
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly. Remove all soap and residue.
Step 5: Let the furniture dry. You may wipe dry with a towel.

That is it.

If you prefer your teak to acquire a more silver-grey patina as it ages, you can opt to clean it less often—perhaps just once a year. To maintain its more honey golden tone, you need only care for your furniture more regularly—say, once per month. Either option will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.

We do not recommend the application of teak oil as teak has its own natural oil. The application of a teak oil can inhibit the natural permeation of the wood’s oil. And once the applied oil wears off in a few months, the wood can be left more vulnerable that it would have been untreated.

If you wish to preserve the natural hues of your teak, you may choose to apply a teak sealant, which does not cause moisture buildup, and need only be applied once a year.

While teak may be left outdoors year round, we suggest bringing teak furniture pieces indoors for the winter months to guarantee their condition, as wood does naturally contract in the cold, and teak is a tropical timber more susceptible to the stress of freezing temperatures.

The added beauty of teak is that it is a timeless material that never goes out of style. And with the simplest of care, it can provide elegant living for a lifetime.

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