Fabulous 60's Collection

BELTEMPO Launches the Fabulous ’60s

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 22, 2022 — BELTEMPO owner and renowned designer Marco Sangiorgi returns to the iconic themes of his youth with the new Fabulous ’60s collection of outdoor furniture, featuring sculpted chairs, kidney-shaped tables, and sleek geometry.

Melding mid-century modern and ’60s Italian design, the collection offers the glamor of swanky retro lines, and the flair of an era of freedom and exploration.

Handcrafted entirely of premium reforested teak, the furniture offers the buttery-soft finishes and natural weather resistance for which BELTEMPO furniture is known.

“I wanted to create a collection with the flair of the ’60s,” Sangiorgi says, “yet with the high-quality and construction standards of today. To be timeless, a design should be rooted in the past, structured in the present, and look toward the future.”

Lead times for new orders of the collection are only 16 weeks as BELTEMPO owns every step of their supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping in the Americas.

The premium teak utilized to craft BELTEMPO premium quality furniture is harvested in Nicaragua from a in keeping with global sustainability practices. Only a select number of trees are felled each year while an equal number of trees planted to promote reforestation.

Highly valued for its gorgeous grain, the teak BELTEMPO uses is chosen timber for its stability, with a high natural oil content creating an innate barrier to moisture. All pieces are carefully sanded with extra fine sandpaper to produce a silky finish and an attractive tropical scent.

The designs of the latest BELTEMPO collection offers innovative interpretations of motifs from ’60s architectural silhouettes and the shapely contours of space age furniture. The result is seductive outdoor settings for inspired leisure.


Established in 2004, BELTEMPO produces the premier collection of outdoor furniture for luxury residences, yachting and hospitality. Designed exclusively by owner and world-renowned Italian designer Marco Sangiorgi, BELTEMPO offers luxury furnishings to match the exquisite beauty of their surroundings. Employing only the most skilled artisans to compose its elegant designs, BELTEMPO furniture is made entirely by hand in Peru, where the craftspeople have a long tradition of excellence in woodworking and metalsmithing, utilizing only sustainably forested premium teak and Marine-Grade 316 stainless steel. Gracefully sculpted… Classic and enduring… A beautiful time… this is BELTEMPO.

For further information or inquiries, please contact marcosangiorgi@beltempousa.com or (954) 681-4663.