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Our origins go back to 1870, when a family of Italian antique dealers offered exquisite pieces of furniture from Louis XIV to French Empire or Austrian Biedermeier at a famous art gallery in Rome. The trademark Beltempo, it is the legacy of almost 150 years of style and craftsmanship, a modern Brand that was established in 2004 with the vision of creating attractive and functional outdoor furniture. We cater and deliver products to customers of all sizes.



Since the starts we at Beltempo established a difference between existing outdoor companies by following the main idea that we could bring outdoor the best cabinetry, heritage of our Italian family, but this time resistant to any atmospheric element.
Our company has understood the importance of being flexible when it comes to small and big contracts and the ability to respond to the demand of the market quickly. The aim is to deliver quality products in a very attractive design.

Due to the complexity of our collection and our exceptional finishes we have made a small production compared to some giants in the field. Nevertheless, thanks to the addition of a production unit in Indonesia, we can deliver larger numbers for projects.
If you visit our showroom in Miami and our office in Lima, you will be able to witness the difference that our company makes in design, quality and innovation.

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Our world has taken a fast and dangerous highway, which consumes and destroys at an incredible speed. We firmly believe that radical and excessive use of material leads to total depletion of natural resources, a path with no return. Beltempo has decided to take an alternative and responsible path, a road that crosses streams and where one can find shelter under the shadow of a tree.

Our philosophy and collections do not follow the trend of the day, we use FSC teak wood, we believe that wood has to be used in responsible way. Our designer Marco Sangiorgi projects the objects in a timeless space, a future that is also part of the past creating a product that will accompany you gently like an old friend in the years to come.
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Our teak wood has been selected among the best ones of the world. The botanical name is Tectona Grandis.

Teak has a natural tight stem with thick fibers that can be sawed evenly without chipping or splitting. This is also a result of the challenging environment in which is grown often withstanding monsoons, droughts, high winds and more. To resist these environmental changes, the fibers of the teak tree bend rather than break, making teak a highly desirable wood for use in difficult conditions. Therefore, its use in shipbuilding for hundreds of years since it requires little -if any- maintenance and it has a natural non-skid surface with barely any raised grain.

Our quality teak is ninety per cent heartwood from mature teak trees grown in FSC well managed plantations in Indonesia. Elegant pieces can be produced from heartwood teak, thanks to its unique grain patterns and a beautiful rich color it will give an immediate glamorous look to any space. The high silica content in teak makes it an ideal wood for slip-resistant surface and its natural oil makes the wood resistant to mold and mildew.
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Marco Sangiorgi is an independent designer from Rome. He studied in Paris where he obtained a bachelors’ degree in Archeology and a masters’ degree in History of Art. His work goes from creating furniture, lightning and ornamental objects, to jewelry and fashion. Each work of the whole Beltempo’s collection has been designed by this artist concerned about ecological problems, nature preservation and a particular love for the sea. He loves sails and vintage boats.

Being Archeology his background, he collects ancient sculptures, He is also interested in photography, theater, animal wildlife, ecology and tribal arts. He is a globetrotter and when he is not in this studio creating new things, we can find him in a Mexican local market or driving a motorbike in a Chinese province, or deep-sea diving on a Thailand island. Cooking is one of his other passions.

Marco Sangiorgi affirms that the work of Leonardo Da Vinci has influenced him, not only because Da Vinci was deeply interested in nature -from where he took many ideas for his inventions- but also for the renaissance idea of the “Universal man”, forged years before by Leon Battista Alberti, where the man was the center of the universe, and so the well-educated man could easily move from one art to the other. From architecture to sculpture or music. This artist testified: “The study of Da Vinci’s wood prototypes is my real passion”. He follows any step of the prototypes, as his preparation goes from designing to machinery handling. So, he designs and studies any mechanism as well as each and every detail of Beltempo’s furniture.
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Beltempo has chosen the maximum of quality for its products. This means that we prioritize “professionals spending time” on each piece instead of low costs and prices. From a marketing point of view, it could be considered a mistake when today’s products tend to be almost disposable, but for Beltempo’s clients it is the guarantee that each piece has been made with high attention to details that only craftsmen of the past used to implement when preparing pieces for the kings. In terms of numbers, with us you will obtain much more for the price of each piece.

Starting from the wood to the stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316) you will see the abundance of the materials. Our stainless-steel tubes and plates are thick, and the same applies for the wood we use. Almost double compared to other manufacturers, we do not waste resources. TIG welding technics are controlled for high resistance in order to obtain a high-quality finish, using sophisticated technology in abrasives and a lot of skilled manpower.

Beltempo is a company that decided to put aside national prides and take the best from each part of the world to achieve its goal. So, starting from the design provided by a very talented Italian artist, the production is nowadays combined from Peru in South America -where mining industry has created the best metal carpentry work of the American continent- and Greater Sunda Island Java in Indonesia -where teak hand finish has created beautiful pieces.
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