Established in 2004, BELTEMPO was created to produce the premier collection of outdoor furniture for luxury residences, yachting and hospitality.

Designed exclusively by owner and world-renowned Italian designer Marco Sangiorgi, BELTEMPO offers luxury furnishings to match the exquisite beauty of their surroundings.

Employing only the most skilled artisans to compose its elegant designs, BELTEMPO furniture is made entirely by hand in Peru, where the craftspeople have a long tradition of excellence in woodworking and metalsmithing dating to the Spanish colonies.

BELTEMPO utilizes only Grade-A teak—sustainably reforested in Nicaragua and crafted with the highest attention to detail–and Marine-Grade 316 stainless steel—formed by expert TIG welders for high-performance strength and the highest-quality finish.

Possessing direct channels of materials and independent distribution, BELTEMPO responds immediately to demand with lead times of only 16 weeks on orders.

Gracefully sculpted… Classic and enduring… A beautiful time… this is BELTEMPO.

A successful design is one you love to have in your home even after many years. It is an old friend you never tire of because you share a story.

I have travelled the world yet—born in Rome—I’ve never lost my Italianism. As a child, I was a sponge plunged into the Italian sea, absorbing the history, art, music, architecture, wit, cuisine… I know well my country. And in all my journeys have rarely found anyplace so complete.

A lover of sailing and vintage boats, I also have a long history of navigating. I appreciate what is required and desired of furniture aboard a yacht, and along the coasts of the world’s most breathtaking shores. So I’ve used my experience to create designs tailored to life on the water.

As for my creative process, it requires introspection and a fine entourage—great music, visiting a museum of fine art, or strolling through a medieval town. I am inspired when in the presence of vibrant creations. It is as if they tune me to a special frequency—an extrasensory channel of sensibility that helps me to create.

Equally I am at home exploring a Mexican market, driving a motorbike in a Chinese province, or deep-sea diving off an island in Thailand.

Fate has a way of finding you in the most beautiful places.



The premium teak utilized to craft BELTEMPO premium furniture is harvested in Nicaragua and reforested in keeping with global sustainability practices. Only a select number of trees are felled each year while an equal number of trees are planted. Highly valued for its gorgeous grain, teak is our chosen timber for its stability. Its high natural oil content creates an innate barrier to moisture, insects and rot. All pieces are carefully sanded with extra fine sandpaper to produce a silky finish and an attractive tropical scent.


Our clients favor this material for its inherent resistance to corrosion and staining, and our craftsmen prefer it as well for its workability and attractive finish. Expertly formed and joined, our Marine-Grade stainless steel withstands even the harshest conditions, and it cleans easily with the simplest of regular maintenance to sustain its gorgeous luster. Sleek and modern, the material blends perfectly with the fixtures of modern superyachts—as do our gracefully sculpted designs.